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Mobile Apps For Business Growth

Consider data that you gather and crunch manually such as sales and production data or staff time utilization for example. Mobile web application development can transform all this into useable info that’s accessible online for those that need it – whenever they need it. It could be a game changer.

Choosing from the mobile applications development companies out there is not without risk. Hiring a mobile application company that you can trust to deliver on time and on budget may be challenging. That’s why we created the "Code Of Ethics And Competency For Web Developers". Learn the questions to ask and all you need to know about evaluating mobile applications development companies before you even consider them as a candidate. It’s free.

LinxSmart is not just another mobile application company. We created LiveTools™ to speed up mobile app design and development while delivering high quality apps that come with maximum user flexibility. LiveTools is used to quickly convert any manual facet of your business into a useful, automated online process that your people will actually enjoy using. It’s our game changer that has proven itself time and time again.

How Do We Deliver The Best Web And Mobile Development?

Mobile app design and development that is the envy of all other mobile app development companies

You may come to discover that we might be the only mobile application company that actually asks the all right questions. It’s a very detailed process that we’ve been using since 2006. We begin by listening carefully to you and your people. Show us the bottlenecks, obstructions and any other impediments that may burden your employees or customers. Our development team will note all the facts, study and review them, then brainstorm to propose creative, realistic solutions. With your input we’ll fine-tune those solutions. Then we turn the team loose on LiveTools to build mobile apps for business automation that’s sure to contribute to your bottom line.

How Don’t We Do It?

That may seem like an odd question, but what kind of mobile application company would we be if we didn’t warn you of potential pitfalls you may encounter in our industry?

  1. Many mobile applications development companies use “proprietary platforms”. If you sign up with them you are locking yourself in to using their company exclusively – no escape. Any mobile web application development upgrades or changes can only be done by them. We don’t use a proprietary framework. Any qualified developer can support or modify our code.
  2. Not every mobile application company will provide a firm quote for your project. They may provide general description of mobile apps for business functions that you requested along with an estimate of cost but that isn’t a quote. Be sure to get a firm quote and a detailed scope of work. We’ll build your solution at a fixed price, on time with no surprises. If we underestimate, it’s our problem – not yours.
  3. We do nothing but mobile apps for business like paperless migration, e-commerce, automation, and anything that requires a simple and easy interaction between technology and people. We’re developers; not “web designers” who build basic five-page websites. Web designers that attempt web and mobile development often fail because they lack business knowledge and “back-end” development skills.

Getting what you need starts with a brief conversation - not about mobile apps for business, but for the vision you have for your business growth.

Call us today at 416-800-1225 or use our contact us form. Be sure to get your free copy of the "Code Of Ethics And Competency For Web Developers" to help you evaluate mobile applications development companies prior to engaging with them.