Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

LinxSmart’s mobile web design and development utilizes intelligent mobile technologies giving your customers what they want - when they want it.


Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices continue to grow at a rapid pace. The majority of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone. Advances in mobile technology is fueled by the demand for instant information. The time is now for businesses to utilize mobile technology and create mobile-friendly websites. This will help ensure they do not miss out on potential users, marketing opportunities and mostly importantly, sales.

A mobile friendly website is optimized for screen size, click-through-rate, loading speed, location/GPS, and provides the most important information to the visitor.  LinxSmart designs effective websites for mobile web through our ‘simple and enjoyable” methodologies.


  • Reach consumers at the point of need
  • Utilize smartphone technologies
  • Integrate with Social media