Sorry due to confidentiality, we can't actually disclose this client's name.


When we sat down with our client, we uncovered a unique issue they faced in how they organized their finances. We outlined the key area of improvement: to upgrade their expense reporting process.

Services Provided:

  • Business app development
  • Converted outdated, redundant processes into a streamlined, cloud-based digital system


LinxSmart’s team of expert web developers designed a custom Business App exclusive to this client. We implemented and designed custom photo capture technology for saving and storing receipts. Using our LiveTools system, we created a database for storing their financial items. All items can be compiled and exported easily as CSV files for Excel when generating inventory reports. We also designed a directory so our client’s representatives can search through the store’s contents by name or phone number. It lists the address and contact information and displays a picture. Our client’s Business App reduces many tedious steps they once suffered, and, best of all — it saves them time.


The implementation of Business Apps resulted in the reduction of redundant company meetings that ultimately could have been avoided. Employees are now able to access data on-the-go; eliminating their dependency on spreadsheets that were only available during weekly, time consuming, meetings. In addition, this new system allows for unification when tracking inventory.