Propower builds high quality fuel tanks and hydraulic reservoirs for transportation and heavy equipment customers in th6e US and Canada. Fleet operators and independent truckers depend on Propower tanks to keep their trucks operating. OEMs look to Propower for engineering solutions and high-grade tanks to build into their vehicles and machinery.


Propower's first website was created in 1999 by one of the partners, John Benn on his home computer. His plan was to get a quick Internet presence with a brochure type site and eventually replace it with a professionally designed version. When the recession hit John decided it was time to take action. He engaged LinxSmart and Floodgate Marketing to redevelop their site to obtain targeted traffic and ultimately sell more products. In short, John wanted a "lead generating machine with a turbo charger."

His objectives were clear:

  • Better, easier, faster navigation
  • Searchable product database
  • A clean, tasteful, modern form with traditional and powerful undertones to suit their industry
  • A credible look to appeal to independent truckers and OEM customers equally
  • Search engine friendly code for improved organic search rankings

Services provided:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Website Strategic Planning
  • Lead Management
  • Dynamic Tank Selector Tool
  • LiveTools content management system
  • LinxSmart Solution

Our first step in the process was to get an in-depth understanding of the objectives. During a strategic planning session with John Benn and his marketing advisor Mike Manzoni from Floodgate Marketing we were able to drill down to learn exactly what customers expect when searching for products and services in this industry. During that phase LinxSmart analyzed the industry trends and Propower’s specific goals. By clearly defining their objectives, we were able to expose key features to utilize and then create a sitemap to plan the layout.

Next came the wire framing and creative design phases. This was an exciting time for everyone involved in this process. Everyone could now visualize how the new site would look and function. During this process LinxSmart, Propower, and Floodgate worked closely to choose the colour pallet, images and design elements conducive to the industry. Key features and elements previously discussed were implemented, creating a very credible and effective design, with the main focus placed squarely on lead generation.

Once all stakeholders were completely satisfied that the wireframes and design mockups met their business needs, we moved forward to the development phase. This is where we put the plan into action. The site was built according to their design, features, and functionality. It was then passed through our extensive quality assurance (QA) testing and successfully launched.


  • 400% increase in leads
  • 34% revenue growth within 6-months
  • Increased credibility
  • More high-end, high-volume customers inquiring


It's been about 6 months since we launched our new website and I'm writing to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did on the Propower web site. Our team is very excited about the results so far. It is amazing just how much emphasis people subconsciously place on website credibility. I'll admit that the original website I created many years ago had little visual appeal, poor navigation and no searchable catalogue of products.

Immediately upon launch (and I mean on the first day) with the same volume of traffic, we began getting more than four times the calls per day. Even better, our conversion ratio went up too. That's the power of credibility! Our diesel tanks landing page has been climbing the rankings for generic keywords. Recently we have had calls from a couple OEMs needing hundreds of tanks per year built for them. That rarely happened before. The new website addressed these shortcomings.

Here is the one statistic that really counts - our year end is coming up next month and we’re projecting a revenue growth of 34% during a recession! We ‘re projecting to grow by as much as 47% next year.

Thanks very much for a job well done!
John Benn
Vice President
Propower Mfg. Inc.