Ontario College of Health & Technology is a privately registered career college. Their mission is to provide a learning experience for students based on trust, respect, optimism and intentionality, the assumptions of invitational education.

OCHT Infographic


OCHT’s directors, Mary and Nick first approached LinxSmart with a minor website update request. During the discovery process we uncovered significant opportunities to use the same technology we use to develop websites to make their internal process more efficient. By making these processes more efficient, they understood an improved level of service and significant decrease in costs would be possible. We provided them with business apps necessary to achieve this objective and more.

Services Provided:

  • Project planning
  • Business app development
  • Website development


The Linxsmart team began this process by fully understanding the client’s needs. OCHT’s directors Mary and Nick discussed how too much time was being spent on preparing, printing and facilitating paper notes to students that costs were increasing and service was suffering. We created a specifications document during the project planning phase, which laid out the primary features and functions that would be required in the business app.

Our development team designed and developed business apps to fulfil the project’s unique goals. The completely open-source code allows for future scalability and multitude of options. Upon the launch of OCHT’s business process apps the following took place:


OCHT’s project resulted in an exponentially improved quality of service and a substantial decrease in costs.

  • Reduced paper consumption by 90% by digitizing paper notes
  • Increased quality and quantity of service by decreasing staff time spent on printing, preparing and distributing papers to students
  • Increased information intelligence by electronically tracking attendance, improving providing student analytics, making notes + student account details accessible


Without question, this investment was one of the best our college has made in recent years. Stepping into the world of business apps opened our eyes to the almost limitless possibilities and benefits they offer. As a result of partnering with LinxSmart, our costs have decreased substantially, allowing us to concentrate on increasing the quality of our service – giving us a competitive edge in today’s tough economy.

Mary Ellen Logan,
Director of Academics,
Ontario College of Health & Technology