What We Do


We take your business to the next level

LinxSmart is a Business App company. Business Apps solve the unique problems which distributed software doesn't fit. We provide a wide range of business solutions and work with you to develop and execute the best strategy.

Our commitment, attention to detail and desire to build lasting business relationships sets us apart from other companies. Each member takes a vested interest in your project and is eager to find the best solutions for you. We take pride in our work and customers!

Our Process


Before we even begin planning your proejct, we will meet with you to discuss your business goals. In some cases a custom Business App isn't the right fit, and we'll tell you. After an initial discovery meeting, we will have a better understanding of your project's requirements and be able to tell you whether or not we beleive it will be both financially and technically feasible.


A Business Analyst will meet with you to understand your current processes, map out a structured solution of processes, business & time driven notifications, data requirements and many other aspects. At the end of the planning process all stakeholders will have a better idea the project's requirements.


Your plan will start to become a reality. Our development team will build out the entire solution defined in the plan. Much of the work is behind the scenes, but we'll keep you in the loop.


Once your Business App goes live, we are here to provide you and your team support. Whether it is through initial training or ongoing support, we're dedicated to keeping things running smooth.


Now you're getting the hang of things, and your imagination will run wild. Once you've had a chacne to use your Business Apps, it will open your eyes to almost endless possibilities of reducing redundant work, improving quality and gainig better business information metrics. All our Business Apps are designed to be extended in functionality over time.


Many businesses run their operations within or alongside LiveTools. It is scalable to support hundreds of millions of records, as well as secure and completly unique business logic. LiveTools is also based entierly off open-source code, giving you the assurance that you'll never worry about vendor lock-in. Clients stay with LinxSmart becasue they want to.

LiveTools plays well with others

LiveTools integrates with many other servics. Below are some, just to name a few.