Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Conversations about your brand, products and competitors are occurring as you read this. Are you engaging the conversation? LinxSmart can help!

Social media has evolved the way we communicate. It can make unknown brands into household names or destroy global companies over night. Our Toronto Social Media Marketing company understands the power and importance of a well developed and executed social media strategy. We create effective social media strategies that are structured, flexible, and tailored to reach your specific business and marketing goals.

Social Media Services:

Strategy Development: Structured planning + execution
Video Marketing:Proven to convert more viewers into customers than any other medium
Connection Building: Increase connections on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn
Branding: Convey brand characteristics and great first impressions
Consultation: Social media marketing advice when you need it


  • Increase word-of-mouth
  • Increase exposure
  • Generate website traffic
  • Building lasting network opportunities