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Web App Development To Leapfrog Your Competition

Think of the information that you're gathering and crunching manually like sales and production data or staff time utilization. It can be transformed into useable, accessible online info by our web applications development experts. An excellent web app could be a game changer for your business. Your challenge is to find the right web application development firm to make it happen for you.

LinxSmart is not just another web application development company. We are the ones that created LiveTools™. LiveTools is a proven, tested system used to rapidly convert any manual facet of your business into a useful, automated process that your people will actually want to use.

How Do We Do It?

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You may come to know us as the only web application development firm that actually asks the all right questions. It’s a detailed process that we've been perfecting since 2006. We work closely with you and your people as you guide us to the bottlenecks, obstructions and other impediments that burden your business and employees. Our web applications development team will document the facts, study them, brainstorm and then propose creative solutions. In discussion with you we'll fine tune the solutions then we turn the team loose on LiveTools to start weaving it into reality. That's our web apps development style in a nutshell.

How Do We Not Do It?

What kind of web application development company would we be if we didn't mention a couple benefits of dealing with us and warn you of the pitfalls you should know about in our industry?

  1. We do nothing but web application development. We build robust web based solutions for paperless migration, automation, e-commerce, and anything that creates a healthy relationship between people and technology. We're not web designers that build basic five-page websites. Designers that attempt what we do generally don’t do very well because they lack the "back-end" web applications development expertise and very few of them really understand business.
  2. Get a quote – not an estimate. A web application development firm quote is critical if you want to control costs. You may receive an estimate based on a rough guess for your web app development, but that's not a quote. We'll build your solution at a fixed price, on time, with no surprises. If we underestimate, it's our problem – not yours.
  3. "Futureproof" yourself. A huge benefit of LiveTools is the capability to add and support your future requirements with scalable software architecture.

Getting what you need begins with a conversation- not about web apps development, but the vision you have that will make your business leapfrog the competition.

Why not pick up the phone and call us at 416-800-1225 or use our contact us form. Be sure to get your free copy of the "Code Of Ethics And Competency For Web Developers" to learn what you need to know about evaluating a web application development firm.