Website Planning

Website Planning

Professional website planning is crucial for success online. LinxSmart makes the process of putting together a detailed plan for your project easy and enjoyable.

To maximize the performance of your website our Toronto web design company provides website planning and online marketing strategies. Our structured processes make it easy and enjoyable for clients to plan their website. Once developed, the physical website plan is the perfect document to use in compelling stakeholders and investors that your project has been well thought out, executable and profitable.

Planning websites establishes

  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Scalability
  • Security requirements
  • Functionality
  • Branding

Planning Phases


In-depth Interviews

As an expert in your field this is the opportunity to teach us everything we need to know about your industry. With the knowledge we gain from interviews with yourself and your stakeholders we can begin to develop the optimal web project for you.

Long + Short Term Goals Analysis:

What are the needs, wants and expectations of your online strategy? During an in-depth goal analysis we will narrow down each of those categories to ensure your online experience is positive and profitable.

Competitive Analysis:

With any great marketing strategy there is a competitive analysis. LinxSmart provides an extensive competitive analysis in all of our online marketing strategies. The level of insight gained from this analysis including opportunities and threats greatly benefit a websites performance both in the short and long term.



What pages and features contribute to the success of your website? Prioritizing your sites architectural is necessary to ensuring visitors take a desired action and are completely satisfied.

Functionality Breakdown:

What are the functional requirements of your website? Will you be using a database, a content management system, have a user login section, a shopping cart? LinxSmart will assess your website functionality needs and provide key solutions for success.

Information Architecture:

How will your content be organized on your website? Using LiveTools, our content management system we can customize a design that suits your needs.



LinxSmart will create a wireframe for your approval so you can see a visual of your website’s layout and design progress. This provides you with a clear overview of what your website’s structure will be before we start development.


  • Convince potential shareholders that your web project is serious and well thought out
  • Plan the requirements, timeline, budget
  • Reduce headaches and surprises later down the road
  • Maximize the performance of your website
  • Ensure it’s a solid investment
  • Plan the requirements and development timeline
  • Reduce headaches later down the road