Who We Are


We Are People

LinxSmart isn’t your average software company. We’re not like those big software giants where each employee is not but another cog in the proverbial machine. We’re not cogs — we’re people. We’re made of the top Business Analysts, Software Developers and Interface Designers in the business. We’re highly adaptive to unique business and technical challenges. We’re local people. We understand the needs and desires of Hamilton and Halton businesses. We know what it takes to be competitive in today’s business landscape, and we have the tools needed to put your company on the map. As people, it is our personal endeavour to give you an edge on the competition. We want to see you succeed.

We Are Process

We don’t cut corners. We’re all about taking the time needed to perfect your project. We start with our initial Discovery meeting. Together, we’ll determine your business goals, and understand whether or not a custom Business App is right for you. We then move forward to our Planning phase. One of our highly-skilled Business Analysts will meet with you to go over your business's current processes and assemble a solution plan based on the results. Next is the fun part — Implementation. We take the data collected in the Planning phase and begin building your own, custom Business App! Much of this happens behind the scenes, but don’t worry, we will keep you posted during all stages of development. ...3, 2, 1 — you’re live! Your Business App is now ready to improve your business processes and increase productivity. Once you go live, LinxSmart will always provide ongoing support. And finally, our last stage is the Extend phase, in which we offer continuous customization in order to grow and evolve with your company.

We Are Technology

We are constantly updating and improving our products in order to better serve our clients. Our philosophy is to always improve attitude. With daily growth challenges, we analyze our processes in order to understand what works and what doesn’t. Business improvements are seen as infinite both for LinxSmart and our clients. It keeps our team’s eyes open to perceive how we operate and the solutions we present and build for our clients. Most aspects of LinxSmart's operations are objectively measurable. Our team is kept in the loop on company performance, and everyone is focused on providing the client a better solution for each project. Our culture of constant improvement is what drives us forward in technological innovation; it’s what led us to creating Business Apps, and it’s what sets us apart from the rest.